The Misadventures Of Honey & Lou-Lou

Honey & Lou-Lou


We had the opportunity of catching up with Honey & Lou-Lou, two up & coming model/actresses & childhood friends, who seem time be completely & inadvertently inseparable. They became indulged into the spotlights at a very young age, & now they seem to be overly addicted either to the adrenaline rush of what Hollywood life does to most, or the attention that comes with their new found careers. You can find them In some new movies which we promised to keep under wraps for their upcoming releases, Lou-lou has her own radio podcast which can get pretty steamy when the nightlife kicks In, which kinda has an Howard Stern type of feel when your listening to It. This Photoshoot for sure got pretty hot & heated take a look for yourself.

Check out them melon cakes.

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