Flavour of the Month: Patrice Costleigh


Let’s start by telling us your name and where you’re from?

Patrice – Patrice I was born La, later spent some memorable years in Palmdale/Lancaster then moved to Hollywood for the last 5yrs and plan on stayin a few more years. Then who knows?? (I’d never leave California

Or go to far from La). TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA

What is your ethnic background?

Patrice – I am half Cuban and half white

Tell us a little about where you grew up?

Patrice – I moved around a lot as a kid but stayed stationary for 11yrs in Palmdale /Lancaster. Some people may have their opinions about that area some think its ghetto but that place will always have a piece of my heart. I met my tightest homies out there. I got so much love for so many out there. Everyone knows everyone sometimes shit gets real but that’s my favorite thing about people out there is they are REAL. They say what they mean and mean what they say, love it! Word is bond!


How do you feel about your career today?

Patrice – I feel good about the way things been goin for me right now. Work is always work but if u love it is also fun!!! I’m very lucky to work with such talented, and passionate people. And even though we always have a lot of fun workin we also take it seriously and strive to get a good photo.

Did you always know that you were going to be a model?

Patrice – My sister and I started modeling when we were kids and we thought it was fun, but didn’t really think of it as something we’d still be doing now, i mean the interest was always there but wasn’t too sure about the demand. As a kid I also always wanted to be a hairstylist, and so I am . I do hair professionally and am also blessed to worked with the most talented and amazing group of girls at Kru Salon in Lancaster. The creativity that flows through that place is always refreshing and inspiring, never a dull moment with those girls, we have fun! I love that I’m active in both of my passions, I really can’t picture myself being as happy doing anything else.


What kind of modeling jobs do you do?

Patrice – Throughout the years I’ve done pin up, alternative, catalog, trade show, promo, print, and commercial modeling. I feel alt model suits me best. But my favorite thing, and what I am most comfortable shooting is streetwear.

What was your most interesting photoshoot?

Patrice – One of my more interesting shoots was for this makeup company and it was super fun because we had really good hair and makeup artist creating this crazy, colorful, and kinda wierd makeup on us, they’d do our makeup for a while then the models would hurry run and change then shoot real quick then wash off all the makeup and sit down and get ur makeup done again lol. It was a 2day shoot 8hrs each day there was a lot goin on and rush rush rush but it was a lot of fun and definitely some crazy wierd makeup


In addition to modeling, what other talents do you posses?

Patrice – Besides hairstyling and modeling I do posses a few other rare talents such as I can totally breathe underwater (not just for a lil bit im talkin I can just stay underwater never come up for air ever) . I stay fit by walkin on the moon. I can throw this football over that mountain. I can count to infinity in 3sec 1,2,3, INFINITY!!! You dnt wanna play me basketball (cuz ur gonna lose) and ull never EVER find me in hide n seek. What can u do?

What would be your favorite TV Show and Movie?
Patrice – American Dad and comin in close second Family Guy and if they made a movie outta these shows If probably love it too.

How do you feel about Traveling?

Patrice –  I travel if necessary but I do prefer to always be close to home base so I can tag it and be safe : )


What would be the most favorite part of your body and the least favorite?

Patrice – Idk my favorite body part lol maybe my left ear lmfao I feel it hears better then the right. My least favorite probablyy
Right eat cuz it don’t hear as good as the left.

What is your biggest turn on and turn off in a guy?

Patrice –  I love sweet, nice boys that are good to girls and I hate douche bags


What do you want men to understand about women?

Patrice – I want men to know that even tho we are totally equal in every way (jk girls are soooo much better at everything) always remember that girls are delicate flowers lol, we have these things called “feelings” remember that and damn just be nice to us and treat us right and we’ll love u forever (or till we are totally bored of u……… That’s a joke boys)

What type of guys/girls do you go for?
Patrice – I don’t have a type but a couple things that always get me are if someone is funny, I love that and I love to laugh. Or if someone is just such a sweetheart makes me wanna cuddle. And this isn’t totally necessary but if someone can dance good oooooooooooooh


Do you enjoy phone sex?

Patrice – I dnt even really like talkin on the phone I’m much better and texting well I guess in this case it’s be sexting oh scandalous!

Guilty pleasures: Got any?

Patrice – I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to 711 doughnuts and I dnt want help!!!!

What do you think the biggest misconception about you is?

Patrice – I think sometimes people think I’m gonna be a mean person but really I’m just a lover.


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Where can we see more of you?

Patrice – I’m pretty sure u can always find me online as a registered sex offender……. I might even b in ur neighborhood. Hide yo kids hide to wife! And u can always see me at ur local 711. (Buy me Doughnuts) I have this whole website dedicated to me it’s called facebook idk if u heard of it find me. Follow me on InstaGram @liltricerx and any booking inquires message me on Model Mayhem or get in touch with my manager Mr. Dewayne Blake from Melon Cakes Clothing  Gracias !!

Photo Credits : MrStamps Johnson

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