Flavour Of The Month: Amandita Garcia


Melon Cakes: Let’s start by telling us your name and where you’re from?

Amandita Garcia: My name is Amandita Garcia and I am from San Jose, CA

Melon Cakes: What is your ethnic background?

Amandita Garcia: I am first generation American, half Irish/English and half Nicaraguan

Melon Cakes: Did you always know that you were going to be a model?

Amandita Garcia: My Mom would get approached a lot when I was growing  up, but I didn’t want to model. I started when I was 18.




Melon Cakes: What kind of modeling jobs do you do?

Amandita Garcia: I don’t limit myself to just one genre. I do a lot of urban street shoots, but also do pin-up and alt. I love working with talented, passionate people. I feel humbled when I look at my portfolio and all the amazing people I have had the opportunity to create with.

Melon Cakes: What was your most interesting photoshoot?

Amandita Garcia: Oh this is a hard question…. There’s never a dull moment! But I would say when I went down in the LA River and shot with Estevan Oriol.

Melon Cakes: What would be your favorite TV Show and Movie?

Amandita Garcia: My favorite TV show is Breaking Bad and I love foreign films.


Melon Cakes: How do you feel about Traveling?

Amandita Garcia: I love traveling! Growing up I always traveled, it was such a gift. I’m always on the first flight out when I can.

Melon Cakes: What is your biggest turn on and turn off in a guy?

Amandita Garcia: Biggest turn on is ambition, without arrogance. Biggest turn off is ignorance.






Melon Cakes: What do you want men to understand about women?

Amandita Garcia: What I need you to understand about women, is that I still can’t figure them out myself!




Melon Cakes: Where can we see more of you?

Amandita Garcia: I am in next months Lowrider Magazine and you can always see what I’m up to on www.facebook.com/MizzDita

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