Brielle Taylor Thinks Her MelonCakes Are Too Much.


Sometimes I think that I’m too “blessed” with these things, they’re heavy!! When I’m working out at the gym, even in my sports tops, they just be bouncing around like no ones business hahaha. Women with big tits know what I’m saying, they make my back hurt sometimes but when I was thinking of having a reduction I just couldn’t give them up because I love grabbing them playing and stroking on them, while I’m laying around lounging I love to caress them, especially when I’m doing naughty things. Oh boy, the life of us sexy thick women will never be understood to some of you guys n gals hahahaha.

Well let me be one of the ones to say this Brielle, I love them meloncakes on you miss thing, and I’m pretty sure the world of men out there feel the exact same, or they’re a bunch of weirdos. Check out them melon cakes.


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